That time SNL “France-faced” the entire culture of Quebec

Portraying people of Quebec (Québecois) as French People from France (like how the SNL sketch of 10-17-2020 related) is the equivalent to them as being “blackfaced”. In their case, it is being “France-Faced”.

"Montréal is best part of Canada and the worst part of France" - SNL

Québécois (pronounced Kebekwa) are the people from Quebec north of New York state that had their own revolution in the latest century. Coming up from being the poorest and less educated social group in all North America (poorer than the poorer in the US), they widthrew the power from religious entities, freed women to make them as equal as men, socially denounced racism against francophones and invested massively in education and a free healthcare system.

The great American misconception about Québec

Nevertheless, a great common misconception under the border is that Québec people are actually people from France that took a boat to come with baguettes. This great misconception erases every aspect of their culture as they share as much similarities with French People than American do with British.

Quebec and French accent is as different as British and American accent....but not on SNL

How would you feel, as an American, if the most powerful country on earth portrayed and mocked your people and culture on national television as the worst clichés of every other folk of a country that isn’t yours. (Probably infuriated)

It is the equivalent of showcasing the creation of rock”n’roll … white people in the fifties.

It is just not true

A Peugeot is a French car that is not driven in Montréal. Another irrelevant to reference France...

In addition to, French Canadian and Quebecois are two separate entities. The latter has completely cut the cords with its religious background when the Quiet Revolution happened. In Québec, churches are empty as in the rest of French Canada, religious sanctuaries kept the language alive as it was forbidden, in certain parts of Canada, to teach French (facts).

The Consequences for Quebec : non-existence in the eye of Americans

Imagine how hard it is for Québécois to explain to their American friends what they are, their beliefs, their combats, where they’re from and how they live when national television completely erases their existence by showcasing their existence as just another French token from Europe.

The French woman smoking is another cliché....from France

The Conclusion : We exist

This needs to stop.

We exist.

Mocking us is all right, as long as it comes from a place of truth. Blackfaces in the movies from back then were offensive, ridicule, and done poorly by omitting any kind of truth about the people being represented. No culture should be mocked to the point of erasing their identity. 2020 should not be like that…. even on Saturday Night Live.

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