9 Unusual Places in Montreal (which you certainly do not know)

There is so much to do in Montreal that choosing a place to discover is often an endless puzzle. The Piknic Electronik, Mont-Royal Belvedere and Saint Joseph's Oratory are certainly places not to be missed, but you will not read a full article on places you already know. Here is a list of 9 places you must visit in Montreal that you certainly do not know.

1. Café Chat L’heureux

Of all the places I'm going to talk to you about, it's probably the one most of you need to know. If taking your coffee at Starbucks is too monotonous, try the Café Chat L'Heureux to get you out of your routine. Here, you will be greeted by magnificent creatures who have all been rescued from shelters and who have been specially chosen to be kind and social.

Located on Duluth Avenue, do not hesitate to caress one of these beautiful felines when you pass in the corner 😊

2. Le LockHart

Are you a die hard fan of Harry Potter? So this bar is for you!

With an apothecary and rustic atmosphere, the bar offers all kinds of magic drinks, potions and even Butter Beer for connoisseurs! The LockHart also hosts Trivia Harry Potter parties, sign up here if you think you're up to scratch.

3. La friperie Eva B

Forget about your classic thrift shop from the corner where you buy $ 90 denim jean jackets, Eva B is an out of the ordinary experience that even people who do not like second hand clothes should try. Featuring a remarkably large surface, Eva B is a place where you can study, eat, drink, take pictures, chill with your friends and not forget my favorite activity: investigate all the unusual objects in the four corners of the store .

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4. Le Mal Nécessaire

We have here an ultra original bar. With an exotic 70s style atmosphere and more extravagant cocktails than the others, I highly recommend this little spot located at 1106 Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

5. Randolph

We have all been in this situation: drinking coffee with friends or colleagues and everyone ends up on their phone after a while. This phenomenon is formidable. Well, that's exactly the opposite when you go to Randolph, the game bar. With a huge collection of board games, you'll be spoiled for choice on how you're going to have fun between friends.

Where to find the Randolf?

347 Rue de Castelnau E, Montréal, QC H2R 1P8

6. Le BlueBoy

Looking for the best place to eat ice cream in Montreal? Do not waste your time and go to the Blueboy now! This place is not like the other dairies of Montreal, because the experience is 100% customizable: with more than 9 perfumes of ice cream and more than thirty fillings and sauces, you can build the perfect ice cream for you .

In addition to the experience of creating your own ice cream, the Blueboy offers real edible works of art like the watermelon bowl you see in the photo. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water 😊

Where to find the Blueboy? 150 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1P1

7. Café céramique

Do you have talents as hidden artists? It may be the ceramic coffee that you will discover. Featuring an unusual concept, you can both share a coffee with friends and also paint on ceramics. You do not have to be Picasso to participate, because most people go there for the fun of the experience and have a good time.

Where to find the ceramic coffee?

4338 St Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2K8


You must have already heard about the Escape Game concept, well EZKAPAZ is the best of Montreal in its category. Escaping from prison and solving puzzles has never been more immersive than EZKAPAZ. For $ 28 for an adventure, get ready to spend an unforgettable evening with a date, with friends or even with the family.

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9. Throw axes to decompress

Does your job or college stress you? How to release the pressure of everyday life better than throwing axes at targets. For an honest rate in most resorts that organize this type of activity, spending a good hour to let off steam on targets is an experience that will remain etched in your memory for a while.

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